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Since the business environment is constantly changing and customer preferences keep evolving, it is crucial for Hong Tong to be able to modify and implement new strategies rapidly. Thus, we have been continuously improving ourselves in resources and facilities that are essential to meet our customers' needs and to sustain our business growth. Over the years, Hong Tong has been investing huge amount of time and effort sourcing for machines that are efficient and effective in manufacturing as well as equipping our employees with firsthand skills and knowledge needed to perform their best in the workplace.


Our facilities and resources includes:


















Inter-linking of Precision Machining & Fabrication

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CAD/ CAM - 2D/ 3D Programming

Anchor 6

Milling/ Turning

Anchor 7

CNC Milling Center

CNC Lathe Center

Conventional Milling

Conventional Turning

Wire Cut/ Grinding

Anchor 8

CNC Wire Cut/ EDM

Surface/ Cylindrical Grinding

Laser Cuting/ Forming/ Shearing/ Sawing

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High Speed Flying Optic Laser Cutting

CNC Shearing/ Forming

TIG. MIG. ARC Weldings/ Spray Painting

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TIG Welding

MIG Welding

Arc Welding

Spray Painting

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